JTMT is a public body that operates through the Association for Urban Development, Preservation and Planning - Jerusalem.

This body is managed and funded in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Transport and the Jerusalem Municipality. The Association's director is the Mayor of Jerusalem, and the acting chairperson is the Municipality's director-general.

The staff of the Jerusalem Transportation Master plan Team deals with a variety of issues relating to transportation in Jerusalem.

The team carries out a large number of projects, and their principal undertaking is the Jerusalem Mass Transit System. This is the first project of its kind in Israel and involves a light rail line, a support network of arterial busses and feeder buses. The team members initiated the project and have been engaged in managing and promoting it since 1996. To date, they are involved in promoting the second stage of the Mass Transit Project: selecting a second light rail line and examining future mass transit technologies that can be integrated into the project at a later time.

As part of developing the mass transit system, the team deals with a broad range of complementary projects that include, among others: developing a preferential traffic light system for public transit; characterizing a mass transit control center that will coordinate transportation and information, operate the monitoring and control center on a citywide level, and will serve as an information center for passengers using the most advanced technologies to provide people with vital information; and developing a parking policy to supplement the mass transit system.

The team's modeling unit is responsible for developing transportation models and simulations based on the latest knowledge and technology, which gives them an integrative perspective regarding the transit system. The intensive work carried out by the models unit allows them to take advantage of scientific and technological advancements to create traffic projections and estimates that are more reliable.

The estimates and projections produced by the Transportation Master plan Team serve as a professional support tool for decision-makers regarding large-scale projects in Jerusalem and the surrounding metropolitan area, which usually involve massive budgets. In addition, this data also helps private developers and planners who are engaged in developing projects throughout the city.

As part of the transit planning system, the staff compiles unique databases that include comprehensive information on engineering projects, demographic data and traffic data, including history and projections.

The JTMT's annual budget is approximately 250 million NIS, and the staff numbers about 25 employees as the core of the team, JTMT employs extensively in Israel external consultant experts for design and management of its projects.

Role in the project (Degree):

  • Participation in the definition from a user's perspective of possible applications for COM2REACT and its dissemination.
  • Participation in the definition of possible business exploitations of COM2REACT and open platform based on V2V and V2I communication technology.
  • Contribute know-how and experience in the field traffic and transportation control, for the development of the COM2REACT technology in particular the VSC applications.
  • Contribute experience in traffic and transportation models and simulations for the evaluation and testing of COM2REACT application effects on the traffic safety.
  • Support the validation of the integration, test and simulation from potential users perspective.

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